About New Europeans

« New Europeans » is a concept defined by the European Commission as “people who live in the EU and have connections with more than just the country where they live (whether this is another Member State, a European country outside the EU, or a non-European country).”

New European entrepreneurs and business professionals live and work in a European country but have ties that go beyond their current country of residence, thus possessing a dual  or plural cultural and linguistic background.

Thanks to their multiple background, New Europeans have important assets to offer to Europe in an increasingly complex and competitive economic environment. Not only are they job creators but, thanks to their dual cultural background and their entrepreneurial spirit, they are also key players in the development of innovative products and services and in the internationalisation of European SMEs. They also contribute to the rejuvenation of European society, and contribute to the flow of goods, people and information across borders.

In a word, New Europeans are a true embodiment of the European Dream.